07 July, 2009

What do you think of crime during fest?

Crime is always big news in South Africa. But it appears to take the back seat during big events like the Confederations Cup, India's IPL 20-20 cricket tournament, and the Lions' Rugby Tour of South Africa.But taking a back seat does mean it has gone away.FJP Reporters asked Festinos what they thought about crime during this period
This is what they have to say:

“I heard of an elderly person who was robbed of her pension money and people gathered to help her. I think it’s all disgusting”. Lee Wingvogel.

“I haven’t experience any problems so far, you can work at mid-night with no fear unlike Pretoria.” Derya Williams.

“There are a lot of shady Characters, but the Police visibility is good. I haven’t heard about any crime taking place but a lot of Shady people are around the ATM.” Danielle Smith.

“Couple of people have been complaining about having to guard their bags all the time and people keep getting bumped and followed by strange looking people.” Allen Young.

“Criminals take advantage of the festival because there are people from different places who don’t understand their languages and we don’t even feel safe anymore.” Pumeza Nombewu.

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Written by: Okosun Peter, Zukiswa Sidzumo, Ongezwa Ndlakuse

Pix:Peter Okosun

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