10 July, 2009

Thank you

Power to the people: Future Journos looking forward to their empowering programme.

Being part of the Future Journalist Programme (Winter School) helps me to grow as writer; as photographer and as a person. Working with different people who has different ideas from mine was great and I learnt a lot from (Future Journos.)
Meeting people that I never thought I will meet anytime soon like Andre Arendse made me realize how lucky I am to be part of this programme. To the organisers and everyone who made this programme successful, you guys make a difference in our lives and I know for sure that my life will never be the same again.
To all Future Journos it is always sad when we have say goodbyes but we had fun while we were learning. I hope you will take what we learn here and use it to better yourself and people around you. Don’t forget to share the information and experience you gain in programme with those people who are not lucky to be part of us (Future Journos)
I wish all the best of luck in what ever you are planning to do.
by Bongani Mthethwa (FJP)

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