08 July, 2009

Michael Jackson was human too

Death is a tragic event that is always part of our lives. We want to run away from it, but where can we run to? We have heard of many funerals and attended a few ourselves, but the death of Michael Jackson has topped them all. It has been two weeks since he died but he is till on our tongues. I doubt that this man will soon rest.

Those that die are respected and honoured for the part that they have played in the lives of those they left behind. The bad things that they have done are forgotten and they are praised for being good people. It is different with Michael Jackson who has been cursed and sworn upon because of the change of his skin colour. That is not fair. We all make life choicest hat suit us and make us happy.

But some have said he deserved it, he applied for his death, and he was long dead and so on. Michael is human.

Now that he is dead and his music lives on, let us acknowledge his presence and his contribution.

Be quiet because he wants to rest but he media is making a lot of noise for me.

Hunadi Ralebipi-FJP

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