08 July, 2009

Let the dead bury themselves

Every culture has various rituals followed when a funeral is performed; however what I’m finding hard to understand is why people believe in the final goodbye.In my Understanding when a person is dead they are dead. They no longer exist and they no longer know what is going on. So when it comes to Open-casket funerals, some people say that they find closure when they see the dead person for the last time. But would that not be a lack of acceptance of the death and allowing grieving process?

Life continues after death and to dwell on finding closure could take a lifetime because there are so many levels of closure that sometimes the process for one funeral could go from months to a year in order to find closure. Closure can be a draining process and can put a person’s life on hold even though they themselves are not dead.

The bible says let the dead bury themselves and those that are living continue on in worship.
Can’t agree more.
Amanda -FJP


Chwayitisa 09 said...

How can closure be a draining process and put someone's life on hold, its closure. All the more reason for their lives to continue because they have gained CLOSURE.

You're taking the verse out of contest. How do the dead do that.

Amanda-09 said...

Im not taking the verse out of context. If you were to understand that it said to who Martha when she was going on about being to busy feeding people at Lazarus funeral and Jesus said you showing no focus on me like Mary Magdelen was doing therefore life goes on beyond death.

Therefor you should not loose focus from God and paying attention to funeral details or how you should.Closure comes from. God will bless mourning and the meek.