26 July, 2009

In the Newsroom

I remember the time we had Karen Williams at the FJP 08 Winter School and I was kinder irritated with the fact that we were concentrating a whole lot more on print and not on broadcast. After the sessions I'll be like " Yoh I got so much print at DUT, now it's the same thing at Rhodes, ay no man..." Well not only has Karen's sessions shaped the way I write and look for story angles, but it has given me the confidence to be able to ask anyone, whether it's a person on the street, to someone in government anything without feeling intimidated.

The newsroom is a nightmare. For me especially because I was put in the deep end and expected to swim with the sharks, even though I kept saying " Yal I'm fragile, I'm an intern", but the news editor was like there is no such thing! To be a proper journo, you must be able to swim with the big one's earlier on in your career and that will make your job so much easier.

Mo my friend, you are doing a good job. They are very lucky to have you to shape their journalistic abilities for them. You did the same to me and a front page in my 1st week later, I can cope well in the newsroom.

You guys must take all the lesson's you've learnt at FJP this year and use them to your advantage. I always tell Bongs and Amanda that this your chance to make a mark in journalism, no matter how small and I hope they listened to me.


Masebe-09 said...

Thanx Buhle for sharing your experiences with us, the 2009 group. First of all congratulations on your success.Being there in that newsroom is testimony that you have indeed made it into the journalism world. I concur fully with you when you say that by having a person like Mo helping us to shape our journalistic abilities we are lucky.She and Sim have been doing a wonderful job on us and for that we are thankful.I wish everybody who has ever been part of this wonderful initiative by Highway Africa everything of the best.

pHUMLANI said...

Hey journo, how can i be part of FJP. I LIKE JOURNALISM DUDE.

Future Journalists Programme said...

Gosh Buhle, make me weep! Jokes man, but it's so great that you sahre your experience with the new team and it's motivating for them to know how FJP, if used wisely, can really elevate not just their careers but their self confidence and competence. I'm glad all of Karen's print, print, print was not in vain. You are a star!

P.S. Stev Lang and Casper spoke quite higly of you and the others' contribution to the Open Source newspaper during Highway Africa 08 conference. Even said FJP contributed more than the experienced journos!! Big ups! (Hope you've kept those articles)

Buhle '08 said...

Mo now you gonna make me weep!!!

I just had to share all that info with the '09 crew because I don't think I would have survived the newsroom.

Wow. I feel super amped about our group's contribution to Open Source and yes I kept the articles, in my portfolio, covered in contact. lol

I was planning on coming to HA 09, but I doubt that it's gonna be possible coz of work etc etc. Bummer hey, but you never know what the editor might think. I might just be told to go and write a series of articles for the Tribune.