10 July, 2009

It's hard to say goodbye

How time flies, it was like yesterday when we started the Future Journalist Programme (FJP), meeting new and wonderful friends from different parts of Africa, one from Ghana, another from Senegal, and most from South Africa.
I will surely miss everyone in this programme, my south African friends are so friendly and happy people, I will surely miss the way they sing every morning before the start of work, they were so accommodating even though our English ascent are different, we relate to one another as if we’ve known each other since birth; guys I will miss you all. Sharp! Sharp!!
And to my Senegal and Ghanian sisters, am beginning to see you as my sisters, they way we wait for each other for breakfast an all that…I’ll surely miss u.
Most of all to Sim and Moagisi, am really short of words; you guys are the best, always ready to give us something fresh.The twitter,the blog and to reporting are unforgetable. Sometimes I wonder how you rest…thank you for your care…
But now is the time when we must say goodbye and when am back to Nigeria, I will always remember South Africa.
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Peter Okosun
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