08 July, 2009

Michael is not the first dead star

You should see the way journalists have been covering Michael Jackson’s death, it would seem like MJ is the first celebrity to die. Instead, people are even quarrelling about how and where he should be buried.
When other musicians such as Miriam Makeba and Jabu Khanyile died, it was not a big issue. I am failing to understand why media and people nag to this man because he is dead. People should be sending their condolences to MJ’s family, respect his death stop making jokes about it.
It is enough the media putting a spotlight on MJ’s death, it time for media to let go and lets him rest in peace. Now what is more important and should people do is to pay last respect on his death. The media and fen should say the last goodbye because it they will never write and see him again.
Michaels Family should burier him where ever they want to burier his body and spend as much they want on his funeral. Death is fate and to the rich or poor we are the same and people should mind their own life.
Lucky…- FJP.

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