22 July, 2009

My talent(s)

Guys have you ever sat down and wonder as to what can really bring you money or income? If you did not, I did let me share it with you. Your talent. It is true only your talent can generate income for you.

Let me give you one example, the likes of Michael Jackson the guy did not care about the PhD in English. He recognized his talent and nurtured it. Just recognize your talent and follow it.

A talent is your gift, something you do best or what makes you motivated all the time, something that you do all the time and you don’t get tired of doing it. That is the secret to life and that will draw people to you.

Fellow Brothers and Sisters if you haven’t given it a though yet , please consider doing it, and you will be amazed on how exciting it is to do something that you love, not because you have to but because it is your passion.

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With lots of love

Jeffrey Shisinga


Jane-09 said...

Jeff, n what is your talent becuase you did not mention it...inspiring people i guess? does it have any income? just kidding.

Masebe-09 said...

So Jeff don't be suprised when you see me banging in goals for Bafana Bafana in a world cup game in future.Ha ha ha...I am sure you would be eager to come watch me in action and blow your Vuvuzela and Kuduzela to the best of your ability.Oh please don't forget to bring your favourite toothpaste along ha ha ha

Jeff 09 said...

Yes Janey it does bring income , soon people will be paying for these inspirational messages , so use them while you can because my starting price will be R15,000. i am going to be a public speaker soon, and a councillor.

Jane-09 said...

You go Jef, and never come back...in fact just run and sieze that opportunity. You are truly inspiring