24 July, 2009

Why do i miss you so much?

I try so hard not to admit that I really do miss you guys. It has been only twelve days since we parted and yet I still wish I was in Grahamstown with the best people on planet Earth, the Future Journos.

No day goes by without me saying something about the awesome NAFest and how we used to hang around together. My friends say “there we go again” every time I mention FJP. Well, Jeff is the only one who understands why I talk about you often.

Every night I sit bored in my room and wish we’d be in the common room drinking FREE coffee and talk about whatever came to of our minds, waiting for the sub warden to come and tell us to shush every now and then.

I so I cant wait for September; there is just this feeling in me that says it will be fantasties.
What have you guys done to me? If it’s a spell you cast on me please stop. I don’t want to miss you this much. It is not good for my health.

By Hunadi Ralebipi

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