08 July, 2009

Respect for the dead

As much as we all have different ideas about what death and funerals should be like, it is important to acknowledge that people have different ways of doing things, even when it comes to them and they have to be respected.
It all starts with death. Death for most is a sensitive issue and as time changes the reaction and behaviour towards it is also changing. For some people the change is for the best and for some it is for the worst.
When an ordinary person passes on it is not a big issue to the world. But when a famous person dies it becomes news for weeks. Is it really news?
What about the feelings of the family and close friends who actually knew the person. At the end of the day we are all human and we have to be sensitive to such things. This for me applies even to journalists.
Journalists who just report on death carelessly should remind themselves of the ethics they are taught. Yes, you are taught to report things society considers to be newsworthy but at the end of the day just sit and think about that person as a human being and put yourself in her shoes.
The answer might interfere with your work but at least the deceased and the family will have peace of mind.


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