07 July, 2009

Remembering the King of Pop

Almost 17,500 fans have gathered together in honour of the late Michael Jackson’s memorial, which will take place at the Staples Centre in downtown Los Angeles today.

The pop star died on 25 June in Los Angeles. He had spent months preparing for his 50 concerts at the 02 Arena in London which was supposed to start next Monday.

Many say that Jackson will live forever and some believe that he needed his rest. Laura W, a third year Journalism student at Rhodes University, belives that the world had burdened him for too long. This is what some people on the street during the 35th National Arts festival in Grahamstown had to say about The King of Pop’s death.


"I don't, personaly, I think that michael was a sickly man. He had to rest."
Laura W. Journalism student.

"He will live forever, I think he died before he actually died because he had already isolated himself from the rest of the world" Sizwe Hlatshwayo. BA student

"It's obviously a really sad loss and I'm really annoyed about the many people that keep bringing up his scandals. We should just let him rest" Andiswa Levi. National Arts Festival visitor.

Here's another question we asked the people around Grahamstown: "Was Micheal Jackson a hero?" .

“Its depends, people have different opinions and I can’t say much because I’m not his fan.” Sethu Sesant, 21, Grahamstown

“He was definitely a hero to me. I’ve been like a fan because he made things possible. I’m really going to miss him.” Unathi Festile, 19, from Port Elizabeth

''Yes, because he sings gooood!” Cherise Steiyn, 7, from Grahamstown

“I am Michael Jackson huge fan and I think he influenced a lot of artists like Asher with his signature moves. Most definitely he is a hero.” Tenashe Kambadza, 24, Zimbabwe

“He made an impact in other peoples life but I don’t know whether he is a hero or not.”Hilda Gaillard from Johannesburg

“I don’t want to seem politically incorrect but I think people don’t know where to draw the line between the person and the celebrity. He might have contributed a lot to music but it’s not like there’s a need to worship him. People are just getting crazy about this Michael Jackson thing.” Teboho Moshounyane, 27, from Freestate
By: Sophiane Bengeloun and Bongani Pronce MthethwaPics by: Chwayitisa Nandisa Futshane

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