08 July, 2009


When somebody dies he or she is freed from the life’s challenges and should be laid to rest. The focus should then be on the job at hand which is to say goodbye and carry on with life.

I feel journalists should change in the way they report when a prominent person dies.

They tend to focus a lot in the way they lived their lives, the problems they had and all that instead of allowing them to rest. If there is a need for it like in the case of Michael Jackson who recently passed, that should be done after the funeral has passed.

This thing of discussing somebody’s family, wealth, problems and their being in public while the corpse is still in the morgue shifts the focus from the funeral itself to curiosity.

It makes people attend the funeral with other purposes than the farewell itself. That is just paparazzi which is unnecessary and should be avoided.

People like to focus on issues that do not concern them and I feel the need for journalists to help not to promote this bad habit.

Masebe Qina-FJP

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