08 July, 2009

Wonder what bonus material the DVD will have.

Wonder what bonus material the DVD will have.

Yesterday, Michael Jackson's funeral coverage was such a spectacle the only thing distinguishing it from last month?s Black Entertainment Television awards was the bigger turnout.

Cable news coverage began early yesterday morning with nonstop helicopter video footage from the "private" ceremony for Jackson's family, while commentators made various guesses as to what was happening behind the scenes.

When the ceremony finally began, the chatter finally gave way to some much-welcomed peace. There were various musical performances from high calibre artists like Mariah Carey, John Mayer and Stevie Wonder and tributes from lesser celebrities like former child star Corey Feldman. It was Jackson?s 'golden' coffin that really took centre-stage though; mostly shrouded in flowers, cameras rarely panned on the gaudy reminder of the King?s death.

Granted he was an incredibly strange man, but one can?t deny he was a talent the likes of which rarely seen. Motown Record Label founder Berry Gordy referred to him as "The greatest entertainer that ever lived."

Was there hyperbole? Sure. It was a memorial.

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