10 July, 2009

A million thank you’s

The National Arts Festival is ending and that means the FJP Winter School is ending too. It is hard to believe that we are leaving after having fun for two weeks with wonderful people, but I guess the excitement faded as we got more serious with our work.

Working together has been great. I would like to thank Sim for giving us much work and for supporting us throughout the way. Sometimes we couldn’t take the load but he would always push us until we finished the work. Twitter, Zoopy and blogging were our breakfast for every morning.

To Moagisi who made it all possible for us to meet here again, I would like to thank you. Your name says it all in Sepedi you “help in building” people. You have helped us in becoming good future journalists.

To everybody, thank you for being with me and supporting me all the way. I will miss you dearly. Till we meet again!

Lwando Helesi FJP

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