07 July, 2009

What has the weather been like during Festival?

The weather plays a particular role in big events such as the Comrades Marathon,the Pick 'n Pay 94.7 Cycle challenge and so forth. It has been a week after the traditionally celebrated National Arts Festival in Grahamstown commenced. The FJP's conducted a vox pop amongst the festinos to find out how the weather has been since the fest begun. Many of them embrace the weather conditions compared to last year. Neil Clark from Rirbeek East says that there hasn't been any rain and it is much cooler.

Kolisa Dakada, drama lecturer from East London. "The temperature has been fluctuating, but is very accomodative and not too extreme".

Leah Mesias, dance and somatology student from Cape Town . " The weather has been quite beautiful . I think the weather may remain like this for a while".

Alex Yuo, a street vendor from Algeria."The weather is good because it is not raining and not too hot, which is good for business".

Neil Clark, a contractor from Riebeek East. " Its better than last year, the weather has been fantastic as there is not rain compared to last year".

By Jane Mathebula and Samukelisiwe Makhubo
Pics: Jeffery Shisinga

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