09 July, 2009

How is Festival?

Marlene Emslie (Stall holder at Village Green, in Grahamstown) : “The change has been good, even the people are happy with the move because now people can move around. It's airy and it's much better than last years. I mean when we were there we didn’t complain and since its moved here is much better.”

Twyla Spiller said: “I’m really here for the Jazz, but so far it’s been great. I feel inspired by the music from International artists yesterday night.”

Ayanda Sibisi and Philile Ntimbane: “It’s so much fun here. It’s a relaxed, calm and the people are so friendly. This place is not busy like Durban. It’s laid back.”

Chido (R): “It's fun and cool, but you know students can’t afford by the stuff here. We don’t have the money.”

Picx: Selina Bebaako-Mensah - FJP
Text: Amanda O Mathe - FJP

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