08 July, 2009

Journos report on death

Many people are afraid of it; some are not even bothered by it. Others believe it’s a solution to every obstacle encountered; while some believe, of course, it’s not a way forward.

These days, death can knock on anyone’s door, and it has done so to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The media had put Jackson in the spotlight for so many years and even after his death, he still is. It is about time the media let him rest in peace.

Generally death affects everyone and not matter what your stature. I am sure every person has some wishes regarding what should be done when they die and those left behind should respect and fulfil those wishes.

The most important time to pay respects to the dead is at the funeral. The family, relatives and friends say their last goodbyes because they will never see the person again. People usually judge one another looking at how much was spent their funerals which I believe it shouldn’t be an issue.

The media cannot stop being subjective on death reports. I believe all it can do is to apply the ethic that says, “Don’t intrude into private grief and distress.”

Lwando Helesi . FJP

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