10 July, 2011

Always about Race

Older generations always tend to put the youth into a box, assuming that all are the same. They get some opinions from a few ‘youth’ and figure that those opinions are felt the same throughout the youth of South Africa.

It is impossible to get the view of all the youth from just a simple survey. Another issue of this form of research is that the youth are always changing, even if they do a survey today, a few days later they could feel different about certain issues.

As with the majority of issues in South Africa, race is always brought up. Is it ignorant to look past it? Is it completely necessary to always include race?

Yes this country has a diverse history and it is understandable that race issues are still present in our lives but I don’t think it needs to be part of everything we do. We need to move on from our past so we can truly reach our potential as a country.

By: Megan Deane

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