06 July, 2011

Super Jay

Hip hop Mogul Shawn Carter better known by his stage name Jay Z is a man of many talents as his groomed him into a role model figure and his music helped to get where he is. Regarded as a trendsetter and an important figure in the black community for those who aspire in having their own rags to riches through rap, he has surely gone to levels that most people in the crave the desire to become. His my inspiration and not my hero, because I am my own hero but he influences me musical though his poetry to become the better me.

His music speaks to me as obviously for some of us out there we have went through the most dreadful obstacles in life and with that it always leaves a scar for life. The things he has went through, I have also had experienced a similar chapter in his life that he has gone through and for me his experience reacts positively as lyrical content is something I can relate too and become another being as I know that I am not alone out there. Since hip hop is loved worldwide because of the power it posses with an ability to send out a message, he does exactly that and more. Music is becoming some way different because his keeping a low profile on the music front and for us die hard fans it will seem like the end of it if no one close enough to his content graces the industry.

Certain words he uses in his lyrics have solid meaning and are truthful that could have that life changing moment as he can immediately change you from a negative into a positive somebody. My personal favourites quotes from his endless hit songs are “life is for living and for living uptight” Tell the whole world the truth is back you aren’t got to argue about who could rap Cause the proof is back just go through my rap” “Can’t be afraid to fail in the search of perfection” “hey if you believe it, then you can conceive it” “ I’m different, I can’t base what I’m going to be off what everyone isn’t” “Once a good girl's gone bad, she's gone forever..I'll mourn forever” “either you love me or leave me alone”.

Those are one of many life value quotes that I personally vow whenever there is need to do so. That’s the difference in my life moving forward

Lets all as he would say “just draw off inspiration” goodbye!

By Thabiso Sihlali

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RAZ said...

that first paragraph has so mush potential, some nice phrases but in some of the sentences there are some words seemingly missing. Have anotehr look at it.. I love HOVA