06 July, 2011

Two African-descent heroines

With Nomzamo Nobandla Winifred Madikizela-Mandela it is not her impregnable beauty, immeasurable poise and breathtaking elegance that makes her my heroine. Nor is it her marriage to the internationally celebrated well-known political icon, tatu Rolihlahla Dalibhunga Mandela. It is rather her courage, strength of character and selflessness. She endured so much hardship and torment during the apartheid era. She like air rose above all the sufferings. She is an inspiration not just to women, black people, the liberation movement i.e ANC but to the nation at large.
She was behind the mobilisation of the people who took to the street to pressure and persuade the nationalist government for the release of Madiba from prison hence to abolish the apartheid regime which was destroying our beloved country. Named mother of the nation and still continues to speak for the poor, marginalised and less well-off in society. She is a symbol of victory, hope and strength.

This amazing woman, Oprah Winfrey, comes from an abusive upbringing to become the worlds most wealthy and successful black woman. Though she does not have her own kids, she has mothered millions. For 25 years she has came into our homes every weekdays to make us smile, cry, laugh and scream in delight. She has given us a gift nobody can ever take away. She has inspired me to read and live life the best possible way.
My parents were of a view that it is impossible to make a living out of working in the media; Oprah continues to prove them wrong. She uses the media to touch people’s lives. I also use the media platform available to me, Facebook, Twitter, blogging and Netlog. She is a television pioneer, producer, actress, magazine founder, editorial director, philanthropist and a socialist. Through her use of all media platforms, she has created a supreme connection with the world. I yearn for my voice to be heard and to tell stories that will inspire, inform, educate, probe and evoke people.
By: Sibulele Magini (SIBFJP)

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