08 July, 2011

Music for the masses

By Bongiwe Tutu

As the Grahamstown National Arts Festival commences we are encountering great talent as performances and shows continue to enfold. I met with a very well known and stimulating Grahamstown local Dj and a RMR (Rhodes Music Radio) presenter Dj RS who shared his experience as a club Dj and radio presenter and how he feels about the Festival in its exploration of music, arts and culture in our country.

Dj RS has a flaming passion for music, his genre is house, hip hop and kwaito, however he enjoys exploring outside these grounds and finding different genres that are compatible with the public, his mixes are available at www.soundcloud.com/djrs.

During the National Arts Festival Dj RS hosts the “MixLab” every evening from 18h00 to 21h00 where him and his panel discuss the ins and outs of nightlife, pubs and reviews other musicians and artists.

“I like the fest because a lot of people come looking to have fun and since there is a new audience there is so much more room to bring in new sounds, you are free to break out and fuse in different things” RS proclaimed.

Dj RS has been a part of the RMR family for five co-operative years and states that “the thing about radio is that you discover a new platform whereby you are giving a chance to other sounds, with my presenter position and my specialist shows I can manifest other genres through to my listeners, because people at home aren’t as picky as those in the club, so they indulge in the music you play for them."

Dj RS has been performing during the National Arts Festival, electrifying the crowds on the crazy dancefloor. He performed on Saturday 2nd of July at Club Equilibrium with Franky SA from SoulCandi. He was also playing at Oldies on Wednesday 6th July with Dj Willy D, on Thursday with Lulo Café and The Naked Dj at Club Equilibrium. If you missed these performances, burn up the Grahamstown chills and can catch him on Friday 8th July with Dj Cleo and on Saturday at Club Equilibrium with Dj Euphonik and Dj Tira.

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