26 July, 2011

Cliche topics fail us: drugs and alcohol

By Busisiwe Busenga

Just recently an article was written announcing that the singing sensation and hit maker of the
song "rehab" Amy Winehouse has died. It was no secret that the deceased was addicted to drugs, the interesting thing is that most celebrities get involved with drugs and alcohol and yet they treat it as something that is as normal as taking a bath. Sadly, most teenagers are following the same path, drugs and alcohol are the order of the day for most teenagers, regardless of the health effects it has on humans.

But excatly what measures must be taken, before the perspective of the youth can change. There already has been a number of strategies such as campaigns, adverts and even in the arts, they have all tried to get the message across, that drugs and alcohol should not be tempered with. However in the end it is an individuals personal resoning that can change their attitudes, change their thinking to be more positive.

Maybe it is time that people did an introspection, soul searching and maybe just maybe they will realise how important their lives are and that it is everyone's responisbility to look after their own personal health. But for the sake of the loved one's, because everything they do affects those they love, it would be of great magnitude if they spared them the pain. In this life we only given one chance to live, so live your life in the best possible way and start by loving yourself, then love the person next to you. Topics concerning drugs and alcohol are really starting to get boring, it would be a good change to focus on the good stuff, lets channel our energies to the positive things that really matter. Love is all we need!

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Riyaaz Ismail said...

You end very beautifully talking about love.What we need is good policy and also the execution thereof.Still,despite the law,shebeens are being regularised close to schools and places of worship.Also with the proliferation of tik and its after-effects the Western Cape is facing an upsurge in STD'S and HIV,as users become horny.Now should we not insist on all drug abusers being on some kind of long term contraception?The babies that are born are permannently disabled.They then become a burden to the parents as well as to society.
We can rather spend the money on infrastructure,education and housing than on a lost cause.

If this is not done then the substance abuse problem will never ever be ameliorated.