08 July, 2011

The Amazing Arts

The National Arts Festival is undeniably an incredible place to meet talented people with amazing hand crafted work. During the hype of all the festival activities I meet up with Joseph Chifamba who owns the Chif African Jewels. He sells his work at the Village Green and is originally from Zimbabwe. Justice started his crafting at an early age and has not stopped ever since.

He crafts beautiful rings and bracelets which come in a range of colours. His work will definitely catch your eye from a distance. Joseph says it is his first time at the Arts Festival and feels blessed. He stipulates that business has bloomed enormously and the recognition that he was always yearning for has surfaced.

The name of his company says it all; as the pieces he creates have an African feel to them. “I couldn’t have asked to be anywhere than at the festival, I consider it as a bonus to my business” Says Joseph. For others this might seem like just any ordinary festival but to him it’s more than that, it is a life changing opportunity. Joseph says that he will forever be grateful.

By: Khutso Mabokela

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