10 July, 2011

Inspirational Future Journalists Programme

By Bongiwe Tutu

The Future Journalists Programme is a platform for young journalists to further establish themselves in the world around them. It’s an organisation where a variety of second year students from all over the country residing from different universities come together in a joint initiative of future journalists making an impact in the controversial social and economic issues affecting us in our futures. This programme is a strong foundation whereby students grow into better individuals that can sparkle in field of journalism and other proffessions.

There are many issues that affect our youth and media and there is a need for solutions and change. This program is one of the platforms where this and more can be done and it is truly an honour to be part of it. It really means so much to be part of this family where you know that you are slowly but surely making your mark and leaving your prints in this world. A place where you are not only inspired by the program but by the variety of people you get to interact with. There is so much growth in this program and it is a blessing for all the future journalists who are part of it.

As a youth we have to grab every opportunity that comes our way and make the best out of it. We should not feel discouraged by the circumstances that seem to come our way of achieving our goals, there is no success in giving up, it is important that we are always strong in our focal arena.

I thank our trainer Nyx Mclean and the Future Journalists Programme Co-ordinator Nqobile Sibisi; these are very proffessional, higly esteemed and profound women who have taught us so much that empowers and builds us as individuals, I thank everyone else for their current and future contributions and wish you all the best :)

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