09 July, 2011

My opinion on :Youth Voices in SA Echoes in the Age of Hope

By Wendy Ngcobo
One of the criteria that sparkled in the discussion that was run by PHD student Gerald Boyce was how happy the black youth were with democracy and the way things are run in South Africa. In my view that was not a correct account of the youth at large.

Young people are not happy with a lot of things that are happening and concluding that they are over a research that was done with 10 people is a bit shocking. Having just come from the Municipal elections it was discovered that young people did not bother to vote in these elections. Now I am not a researcher but they did not need to do a research or evaluation .It was the young people themselves speaking out ,simply saying they are not ‘happy’ with the way things are run in South African.

And this is not to say this is a recent account, but they have not been happy for along time only they have been trying to find measures and ways to make their voices heard.

The democracy issue in my view goes beyond race because to perceive that the black youth are happy with what they have now is not an accurate reflection of every one that considers themselves to be a young person in South Africa. 

I am young person in this beautiful country of ours and feel Mr Boyce should consider engaging with us   on an advanced approach  because then he will have a realistic analysis on what I as a young person really think about the political structures and about the democratic structures in our country .

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