09 July, 2011

Jacques Brandt

Behind every production that has been running throughout the Festival there has had to be a technical team. These people are responsible for ensuring that lighting and sound for the different shows runs smoothly and without a glitch. Without them the shows which we watch would not be what they are, but most of the time these are the people who go unnoticed.

During my stay in Grahamstown and having had the chance to socialise and interact with different people who were apart of the Fest, I had the opportunity to meet a very passionate and talented man who has been running the technical aspects of Graeme College, one of the venues which was used for festival showings. His name is Jacques Brandt, age 24, from TUT, studying entertainment technology.

Jacques Brandt has been the lighting technician and has been a part of technical support system for the following shows on the main programme of the Arts Festival: Benchmarks, Shakespear, and Purgatorio. His job is to make sure technical cues run smoothly and that lighting, sound, props, the set and audience if necessary are managed effortlessly.

Brandt is also a free lance worker, who is passionate about his work and is remarkable at his craft. He prides himself in producing nothing but the best work, which is why he was hired by festival recruiters.

By Nokwazi Lhumalo

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