08 July, 2011

Grahamstown is…

by Wendy Ngcobo and Moses Moreroa

Grahamstown means a lot of different things to different people.So we asked them the question; Grahamstown is…

“Grahamstown is a great town with one of those olden buildings. If you can go to Joburg, you will never get buildings like Monument. It’s a place to live on with no noise, and life is easy because only few are engaged in things like drugs. Here people are successful and dedicated.”

Eugene – Jeffreys Bay

“Grahamstown is cold and not as busy as usual but though trading feels well”

Edith -Grahamstown

“Grahamstown is a small town; we get to know one another as a community. It is a very good place to raise kids because is cool here.”

Milo – Port Elizabeth

"He enjoys being in a pleasant small environment something he doesn’t find where he is from."

Nakota and Babirge - Port Elizabeth

“The buildings here at Grahamstown here at Grahamstown preserve the culture but things are changing over the years; people come here with their weird intentions. By the way I have start attending this festival since 2006”


“Grahamstown is a small town, compressed and it cannot be compared to. The feeling is no longer the same because festival turned into Rhodes, but high street is open unlike years before. It is very exclusive.”

Jam – King Williamstown

“There is nothing really interesting. Grahamstown is a very good place to settle in, but not for young people like me. This town is for students because they are well focused.”

Leesha and Abigail – Cape Town

"Being here for one day has been a wonderful experience for us. We watched four shows but struggled to find accommodation. Grahamstown is a small town, and very cold but is nice though. One more thing is that you feel safer. It also looks nice with these old buildings.”

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