08 July, 2011


Ben Bezuidenhout was born on the 16 of April 1940 in Rhodesia. He spent most of his life in Zimbabwe where he was the youngest principal in one of the schools. He dedicated his life to tutoring pupils in nature conservation as he was passionate about nature and educating the younger generation. He managed to tutor a total of 365000 pupils.

South Africa was the friendly country where he started his new life after losing every asset he once owned. He was an asset to the Zimbabwean nation and mostly to its youth, as he contributed mostly to their education.

He is now a local in Grahamstown, where he manages the Retirement Centre. Just after his 71st birthday celebrations, he entered a 71km run just to donate his winnings to funding the Centre.

He is an actor, singer, writer and a trumpeter who has a series of books about his life which he sells at the market at the Fest. He has an autobiography titled: “My mother’s kitchen was a baobab” which costs R100.00. He has a series of other books that tell the journey of his life from Zimbabwe to S.A cost R50.00. He is currently busy with two more books.

By; Sesethu Malgas

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