08 July, 2011

What do people think about the Arts Festival?

What do people think about this year’s Grahamstown National Arts Festival and if they were to be given an opportunity to organise it how would they organise it? It pretty seems this year’s Festival has lost the spark as compared to the previous Festivals.

Khayakazi Madyo : "I’d put back the Village Green to its original location because now it is far especially for those who come from the townships, they have to walk all the way to Rhodes University."

Luvuyo Mayi : “Involve more of the Grahamstown youth in terms of stage productions, also organise workshops for local actors. Bring back the festival more into the city than in Rhodes, because this kind of excludes some people in the community.”

S .Ali : “Shift the Festival to take place between September and December, the much warmer seasons of the year because it has been extremely cold and wet.”

Chris DeConing: “I’d change nothing. The formula they use for organising the Fest seems to have been effective for the past 30 years.”

Paul Ilunga : “Find ways to speed up business, because it’s very slow this year. I would have not have moved the Village Green from where it was.”

Laura Brooks : “This year’s Festival is so quiet. If I were to organise it I’d take the Village Green back to where it was. I don’t like the Rhodes University environment, it’s separated, so white and middle class. I’d integrate people, involve local craft and drama.”

The children : “It has been boring; there wasn’t much entertainment for us kids. The van that usually entertains us did not arrive this year with Takalani Sesame (cartoons) as well as the magician.”

Ntombovuyo Madina: “Bring the Fest to the people not in Rhodes. Increase the number of people selling at the Fest.”

By Nokuthula Wathi and Elethu Magele

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