06 July, 2011

My hero

Daniel Mothowagae: Senior sports writer at City Press

While many people ignore the back pages when reading the newspapers, they get to miss the artistic and sensational way of writing by people such Daniel Mothowagae. I chose him as a person I look up to not purely because I’m a sports fan but because of how he writes and plays around with words, drawing the reader’s attention to read more. He is a true inspiration to other young writers, especially those who love and would love to write about sport.

May 21, was the day that was said to be the end of the world. It was on this very same day that Orlando Pirates were crowned the 2010/2011 Absa Premiership champions after eight years of draught. In his article titled “Amabhakabhaka reign supreme” on Sunday May 22 he used his great skills of playing with words when he wrote about Orlando Pirates’ victory on the “Judgement Day”.
He wrote: “May 21 was predicted by some pensioner in the US as the end of the world and his ministry had put up “Judgment Day” billboards around the globe but that did not materialise as the Bucs followers saw another day and ushered in another historic moment in their clubs’ history.”
(Daniel Mothowagae: City Press, Sunday, 22 May 2011)

Mothowagae is one of the outstanding sport writers who through his artistic and skilful way of writing try to close down that huge gap of lack of sport journalists. Not everyone knows about him, but his articles keep the City Press’ back pages fun and exciting to read!

By Elethu Magele

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