06 July, 2011


An ordinary person can be a hero but it only takes the great things that the person has done.Ignitious Mabasa is a well know Zimbabwean writer. He is my hero.Ignitiuos wrote a book that has helped me change the way I think about people and it has also changed the way I should analyse certain situations.Mapenzi(Fools) is the title of the book and it is a book that entails events that are ugly but beautiful.

Mapenzi (Fools) is a novel which reflects what the author characterises as mass neurosis in post-independence Zimbabwe. The story is narrated through various neurotic voices that stand for different forms of social neurosis. The neurosis is triggered by a number of problems that people face in the contemporary dispensation, particularly the faltering economy.Mapenzi is a story of a veteran leader of the Zimbabwean liberation war of 1970.He was expelled from the teaching field because the authorities thought that he was mentally disturbed.

This veteran had the private truth, he used to critise people and rebuke pretenders. The most important fact that I leant from the veteran leader is that any person who behaves and acts differently to the cultures and norms of the society is a fool. What I learnt from the works of Mabasa is that, in all walks of life there is a point in time were u have to realise the type of person you are, through his works I had to figure out whether I was a determinist or a humanist. In that manner, Mabasa works gave me the desire to change the type of journalism in developing countries.

By Portia Makore

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