06 July, 2011


Humorous, tall and MY MODEL! My brother, born on the 02 May 1980, my mother proudly named him Nkosiphendule, meaning “God has answered.” He is the first born and the only man in the house.
You may ask yourself, why him? He is just another uneducated guy to many, but to me, he is the reason I love writing.
Growing up, he would teach me the basics of writing and reading. He could further his education after failing grade 12, but that has not stopped him from being the supportive big brother. “Ufunde mntase, usenze siziqhenye ngawe.” Those are his words when he encourages me to school and that is exactly what I am going to do, I am going to MAKE HIM AND THE REST OF MY FAMILY PROUD.
I want to be a powerful journalist who is not scared to use her freedom of expression. I want to be remembered as humorous, truthful and supportive individual.

Too bitchy and feisty, many label her and maybe you agree. She is Nomakula Roberts best known as Kulie Roberts. She started her journalism career at Fair Lady, and then moved to Durban where she was fashion and beauty editor at YOU.
She is a vey opinionated journalist who does not fear saying what’s on her mind. Whenever she writes, she has that sense of humour (which is hyped and insensitive)making me relate more to her (without the insensitiveness) because I have a sense of humour…I believe.
Her twist to stories, the way she finds hilarity in every situation is exactly the way I want to be. It is fun, but very offending to other parties, which is why even though I love her, I will try not to be the insensitive “bitch” that everybody hates her for being. NO OFFENCE but truth has to be told although it always hurts others. One can never be loved by everybody,no matter what you say or do not say. I mean where would the fun be?


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