06 July, 2011


Sindisiwe Mthembu,FJP
“Help a sister out, do you know who my hero is, I mean that one person who inspires me”, message sent. I waited for at least 20 minutes for a reply. While in waiting I realised that there are small simple things in life one pays less attention to and those things have the ability to determine who we really are. “I don’t know”, it was quiet an unexpected answer for I thought the people we call friends suppose to know us more than we know ourselves.
Sbu Buthelezi motivational speaker.
Sbu Buthelezi, now that’s my hero. He is a radio personality on Ukhozi FM. Indumiso, Songs of worship in English translation, is the name of the show he does on Sundays.  I have always known there was a distance between me, myself and I, I  knew I never had a relationship with God and in a way that resulted in me having a kind of unsatisfactory and emptiness inside me. Sbu was that person who had the ability to say things that were answers in all the questions I had. I know from the things he would say in his show that he never had it easy in life, and growing up from a disadvantaged family background, I can easily connect and relate to the things he speaks about.
I like that he addresses issues and later bring solutions to them. He always tries to make a difficult situation seem like an easy one when he says “you can rise above all situations”. I picture myself right now being a future Journalist, knowing there is still a lot ahead of me, I still need more motivation and encouragement to be the person that I want to be, and through Sbu’s motivation I am able to wake up in the morning and be inspired to live life and dream more despite circumstances and life challenges.
“You more than a winner, you a Conqueror”, the day the man spoke these words, it felt like I have found that thing that I have been searching for in a long time. I made a decision to grab it with both hands and I intend to use it in my daily living, right now, and in future in my career.

My role is to be the ultimate INSPIRER, to dream great dreams and see great visions. I am an agent of CHANGE; I understand my calling and my MASTER'S DIVINE PURPOSE. If I fail, I make sure I fail FORWARD. If I SUCCEED, I give GOD the GLORY. sbu buthelezi

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