08 July, 2011

 Pearl Nicodemus & Sibulele Magini

Was moving the village green into Rhodes a good idea a good move?

“The townspeople struggle to come here. This venue is not accessible to the people. It is also too strict and has many rules.”
Noxolo Maxhanga, Hi Tech Security


 “The space is bigger here whereas we worked in a smaller space previously. The location has its disadvantages like accessibility but we need to look at the matter with different glasses. The space is bigger though.”
Gerhard du Plesis, BioCera S.A products

“At first I was disappointed at the move, but it is picking up. I prefer the first location though”
Lesley Sparks sells clothes at the Village Green

“I like this better. It’s bigger and a walking distance from my school.”
Kristen Wootton, Diocesan School for girls Grahamstown
“I find this place amazing too. It is much safer and easier to get to”
Alemnesh Pelrine, Diocesan School for girls Grahamstown...

Sandor – "Money wise it’s definitely better.  At the bottom there was a better vibe and now its too quiet, its too clean, too pure.  It’s like a hospital really"

Megan – No, because it’s too big and it’s too far for people to walk.  And It’s not as full

Nicola – "I think it was a good idea.  More spacious but lacks the vibe.  It’s not as homey and it’s clean."


Maggie – "I didn’t make much of a difference.  It seems more organised, orderly and spacious"

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