06 July, 2011

Alive in me

It’s relatively common for many a youth to find role models in people over exposed by the media. I however, draw inspiration close to home. Marlon Hitzeroth, my uncle; was a man of incredibly great stature and presence. I have absolutely no recall of there ever being a dull moment with him around. His amazing ability to always see opportunity in every difficult circumstance and see light behind every closed door instils drive and passion within me.

Raised by a loving, working class family and being one of five siblings, Marlon was a domineering sadist with his siblings and leader among others. As a kid running the streets of the coloured location situated near the coast of Natal, Marlon had many interests mainly taunting his siblings. He was always humorous and loved being outside meeting and making new friends. In his adulthood, Marlon’s strong overpowering persona took a light blow when he opened up about his homosexuality which was taboo in the days. This of course, was short lived, owing to his supportive family and friends.

Vibrant and full of life, Marlon worked and put himself through University, completing his Masters in Business Administration and Marketing. His career soared and so did his love for life.

Uncle Marlon is my inspiration because his life oozed achievement and success. His presence overwhelmed the room and his words infected people with positivity. Many were left speechless when in conversation with him, his fluidity with words were always filled with knowledge and wisdom. I look up to him as a role model of what I work towards being. I consciously try to incorporate his mannerisms in my daily life and decisions.

Marlon had a love for knowing about current world affairs; debating and speaking about important issues that affect society and the world at large. This is where my love for journalism and international relations derives from. I have no fears. Fear is only a state of mind. I aim to live as confidently and positively as uncle Marlon did. As he would say “if you do not believe in yourself, the world will not”.

By Duschanka Hitzeroth

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