06 July, 2011

Less is more…

Heroes are commonly defined as the main character, somebody or someone you admire or qualities you aspire to have.  Naturally, when people one thinks of a hero they speak of people who are established and have accomplished great things. 
My hero is three little people fused into one.  My 16 year old sister (Tsami) and 13 year old brothers (Makanye and Tiisetso).  Not for their extraordinary achievements or accolades, but for the role they play and people they are. Strength, wisdom, courage and resilience.  These are the qualities that I love about the  three little minions. The world around us could be in rubbles, with bullets and bombs going of in all directions but if we are in one room we would barely notice. I draw strength from being wit them. I am always reminded that we a re not a reflection of our circumstance.  When they step out into the house they carry themselves with such confidence.

I am a firm believer in the phrase "the latter must be greater than the former", and that is what drives me to be a better person. I want my peak in life to be their starting point.

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RAZ said...

look carefully at the opening sentence and tell me what is wrong with it