08 July, 2011

Artists at Fest...

As an artist what do you think of the festival?

Joseph Chifamba of Chif African Jewels “It is well organised and gives us an opportunity to market our products and also gives us a well needed bonus”.

Nomonde Madlalisa of Handmade Collection” It started very good except for the weather on Tuesday. Wednesday things picked up. I even have orders for people from the UK”.

“It’s a good way to express our work to the people and to get recognition. It is a privilege and great exposure and a better chance of commission”. Mind Shana of Fine Artist

What do you think artists think of the festival?
“Think artists see this as an opportunity for them to showcase their talent for those who haven’t received recognition”. Jostine Len responds.

Artists at fest…
… need to be strong ( Belinda Henwood from Norrie Da Silva)
… keep it real ( Shomon Daniel, performer and singer songwriter)
… are either drunk or tired or both ( Mark Sampson )
… is sitting on floor ( Liam Magner, from Neon Anthems )
… are pirate merchants ( Gary Thomas )
… make out with other artists at fest. ( Cobus Van Heerden, from Neon Anthems )

By: Megan Deane & Khutso Mabokela

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