09 July, 2011

What FJP means to Sibulele

For me this programme, which is greatly close to my heart, is not only just a networking opportunity but it is stepping stone for me to broaden my horizon in the field of journalism and media. When I found out I was accepted into the programme, Nqobile knows exactly how I reacted. I saw this as a prospect for me to enhance my likelihood of gaining employment in this ever competent field of reporting. 
For FJP the F should fall away as the programme allows me to be a journalist now not just in future. I know that my participation in the programme will open doors for me as it has with previous participants.

Particularly the winter school, it has provided a glimpse into the busy and crazy life of a journalist. I long so much to be part of that world and the programme is the key for me to be there.
Based on the connection I had created with the participants and coordinators of the programme during autumn school, I began to see FJP as more of a family than anything else. I have shared so much with the journalists in this programme. They have touched my life and I hope I have touched theirs too in some way or by some means. As mentioned, the benefits I will reap from my involvement in the programme are extraordinarily rewarding since the programme is renowned by many media institutions and newsrooms because of the amazing training it provides which also supplement my academic curriculum.

Rhodents frequently display their disapproval for the programme labelling it as racist and discriminatory, I have defended the programme from those untransformed views and portrayed it the way it truly is to the students. Philosophically speaking, the programme gave me wings to fly to my future. That is what the Future Journalist Programme mean to me.  
By: Sibulele Magini

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