09 July, 2011

Shoelace Rockers

This up and coming incredibly talented band consisting of four band members are originally from the Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth.

Shoelace Rockers, previously known as ‘Untitled’ are a group of friends who share a love for music. The band however broke up as they had lost a band member but soon after rekindled their musical romance we now know as the Shoelace Rockers.

They all first met each other at the Arts centre in Port Elizabeth and have been friends ever since. Xola who is the drummer has a passion for jazz music and finds his inspiration there within. James on the keyboard lays his interest in hip hop music and is also a drama major. Vuzo, who studies music, is on the guitar. Lastly, Ndumiso a music major, who is on vocals and base guitar.

The name of their band symbolises oneness. The figurative idea of a shoe without a lace implies that there is no sense of togetherness hence the name ‘Shoelace’. Naturally, there are disagreements within any band but the Shoelace Rockers would not have it any other way. “We’d rather make a band with friends and encounter conflicts because they would be resolved quickly instead of with people who do not have an understanding of each other”.

Shoelace Rockers soul band are hoping to release a single soon and build up a reputable fan base. In time, they will be hitting centre stage with South Africa’s greatest.

By Duschanka Hitzeroth

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DHitzeroth11 said...

The Shoelace Rockers won the Encore Award for Excellence and Innovation for the Grahamstown National Arts Festival 2011:)