09 July, 2011

For the love of art

By Wendy Ngcobo

Sunali Pillay is a 22 year old Fine Arts student at Rhodes University, who does henna application during her spare time.

Mendi is the application of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration done to Indian brides. Sunali was only 12 when a bad job that was done on her hand for her uncle’s wedding.

This inspired her to practice her designs on friends for months.”You see people do it, but you develop your own style", said Sinali. This she does with delicacy and flair as she’s had many years of practice.

After a stint which she did for a year in Journalism the following year she tried English and Philosophy.
 Sunali  then wanted to ‘stray’ as did her parents who studied but ended up doing something different.

 Her mom studied English and Drama but she is a businesswoman who owns her own company, her dad a trained draughtsman owns a Landry company. This inspired her to ‘wander off ‘on her own which she did while in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and Ireland.
 Until she founded comfort in the field of art.
‘I’m happier now”,she said because I’m doing something I love “.

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