08 July, 2011

Rhodes University's passionate Pharmacy student

Thando Mthyole, final year Pharmacy student at Rhodes University
Pharmaceutical studies to most would sound like difficult studies to pursue but not to the passionate and determined final year pharmaceutical student Thando Mtyhole. Having grown up in the rural Eastern Cape, Pharmaceutical studies were only a dream until he got the opportunity to study at Rhodes University. “The course is challenging but manageable, it just needs dedication, determination and hard work”, he says.
Grahamstown is an academic town and full of history, it is Thando’s fourth year living and studying here and says he loves it because it is small and safe and with a lot of facilities to assist students in their studies. This outstanding determined student says he is enjoying the National Arts Festival but thinks the hype of it is fading away along the years  because some people feel excluded from it and feel like it is a high class thing for certain people.
Thando says he wants to be an inspiration to the kids in his small town of Lady Frere and wants to encourage them to pursue studies in medicine and pharmaceuticals because they offer great opportunities and anyone can do them, he says he wants to go back to his home town after graduation to work towards building his community.
By Akhona Valashiya

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