06 July, 2011

heroes of our lives

Heroes of our lives

Ever had one of those days when you want to jump for joy, when your excitement was so much you could hardly contain it? Then there are those days when you feel like the world is on your shoulders, when you find it hard to even breathe. But we are human and these emotions are inevitable. However there amazing people who are able to inspire, motivate and bring back the spirit of living and happiness in the lives of others. Maya Angelou is no exception; she is one of the many heroes who make life worthwhile.

Maya Angelou is an African American, born in 4 April 1928. She has dedicated her life to helping others and motivating people. She is a well known poet, civil rights activist and author amongst other things. Her best known contributions to literature are her series of six auto biographies. She also served as a Northern Coordinator for Dr Martin Luther King, she also taught at the Wake Forest University since 1991.

Her services are of immense importance to the whole of American nation and she does all this with a lot of tenacity, love and passion for people and the arts.
Maya Angelou is an inspiration to many because she does her work with passion and has received numerous awards for her incredible work including being named women of the year in communications, nomination for best supporting actress and she also has a tony award under her belt.

I want to apply her qualities into my everyday life. Aspiring to be journalist I think it is important for me to do my journalism work with outmost passion, tenacity as she does. Adapt her style by producing the kind of journalism that does not only inform but also touch people’s lives. Be able to make an impact that will make the world a better place as she has done.

My favourite quote from Maya Angelou “My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry, to get work done and try to love somebody and have the courage to accept the love in return”

By Busisiwe Busenga


RAZ said...

read every single one of her biographies she is truly somethign with aspiring to, her humility is amazing

busisiwe 11 said...

will definetly do that, thank you for the heads up and reading my blog.