21 July, 2011

Digital divide

By Busisiwe Busenga
I cannot believe that this is my first week back to school (University of Johannesburg) and yet i am already realising the importance and value of the Future Journalists Programme. This semester we are going to be busy with internet journalism and hence the digital divide will be one the topics covered. This reminded me of the interesting discussion we had on the didgital divide as the FJP's at the National Grahamston Arts festival . I have to say the discussion has enlightened me and broaden my horizons, i am very greatful for all the knowldge and skills we have aquired from the programme. I intend on using these mskills to the best of my ability, actually with everything i do i will definetly do my best, and i have a feeling i am going to ace this semester and it is all thanks to FJP, so "really" thank you for everything.

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