09 July, 2011

Perceptions of life satisfactions amongst youth!

Youth voices in South Africa: An echo in the Age of hope is one of the presentations that lacked cause and effect at the National Arts Festival . Gerard Boyce is one of such man who engages in research in bringing the so-called concrete generalisation. He underwent a basic research, but according to him is an applied research.

The research had findings that were in contrast with one another. In his statistical figures; that ranged within the satisfaction with service delivery where he found no significant difference. All miniature captured really showed a stereotyped ideology (random conclusions) where he conducted a quantitative approach in his research. One of his nonsensical conclusions was that all African youth are very enthusiastic towards their future whereas the next figure showed that they are behind times too much.

In that regard, the researcher failed in the first step where he aimed on describing the blind relationship between classified groups. The finding did not deliver the facts but his assumptions and non-attestable hypothesis. Phenomenon under the study was supposed to be objectively conducted under the qualitative design where information can be linked. Hence, participation rather not on-looking observation could have helped in the matter.

He has failed to explore and come up with all connotations of the main problem. The point of digital divide blacks and whites, proved the future orientated group which is coloureds and whites. It really showed that they are the ones who know what’s in store for them.

By Moses Moreroa

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