08 July, 2011


The Village Green Market at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival is a place where festival-goers can go to relax, shop and most importantly, eat. But with all the different food stalls there are to choose from, festinos are spoilt for choice. We asked stall owners to tell us why people should choose to eat at their stalls.
“It’s the real deal - authentic, thin-crust, wood-fired Italian pizza. And it’s quick.”
                                                                                        La Pizzeria

“Quality, friendliness and price.”
                                                                Bob’s Menu           

“Fresh ingredients and food made with love.”
                                                                Eeet Panini          

“Value for money, best-tasting and we work for charity"
                                                                          Grahamstown Rotary Kudu Burgers

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        “It’s cheap, it tastes good and it takes less than 2 minutes to make"    
Dragon Pearl Chinese Food

“It’s healthy, happy, karma-free vegetarian delight”

                                         Atma cuisine (Hare Krishna stall)
“It’s fresh and people like it because it’s different and from overseas.”
                               Damascus Fast Food

“Decadent and delicious.”
                                                Greek Sweets
“It keeps a balance if you party a lot – it’s a booster.”
                                    Oh So Peachy Smoothies and Food           

 As most stall owners pointed out, festival-goers can expect a variety of food on The Green but all made with fresh ingredients, prepared quickly and at competitive prices. Stall owners are also friendly, welcoming and always willing to offer help or just to chat.  We couldn’t possibly recommend one over the other; our best advice: try them all!

By Akhona Valashiya and Devaksha Vallabhjee

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