09 July, 2011

The Youth Need A Speaker

Youth Leadership series at the Think! Fest at the National Arts Festival presented Gerard Boyce his research on the youth in South Africa and how is it looking on the born free youth and whether they are positive and happy with the situation in post apartheid South Africa.

The world of the youth is truly uncertain as we lack confidence in taking a step like the golden era of the 70’s. Issues we still face haven’t changed that much as the past is still in our future and the most important people or the youth are the ones who matter most when speaking about the voices of the youth. Power or a platform to be given so we can stamp our frustrations or our view on the direction our country. There isn’t any direct talk between the stakeholders of government and the rest of the youth in the country and that brings a lot of uninterested youth who don’t bother to even vote let alone know what issues that the country face for the next generation leaders of tomorrow.

Initiative should be taken on facing challenges that the youth themselves can be a difference if any means necessary mobilising in bringing a greater participation even in the simplest issue that is raised that can affect the youth I the longer run and can be fatal. We are in charge of our own destiny in the country particularly the youth and if we can be given a chance to voice our suggestions on the country going forward, we can bring about serious change for anyone and everyone!

By Thabiso Sihlali

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Riyaaz Ismail said...

Some years ago there was the initiation of a Youth Parliament.Somehow or the other it does not seem that thiis is taken seriously be the powers that be.

Perhaps what is needed is a dedicated liaison committee looking into inputs from youth and tabling it to the relevant portfolio ,standing,select or ad-hoc committees in paarliament for deliberation.
If acted on and implemented,then the youth will feel valued and contribute more.