06 July, 2011

Spirit and Bones

Spirit and bones is an amusing, scary, but yet serious piece. One day, a black dreadlocked sangoma entered Malgas family to deliver a message from ancestors, “your only girl is the chosen one”, says sangoma. The family are coloureds; they believe in Christ and ignored the messenger, calling him a mad black man who does not make any sense.

“Even though you don’t believe in the dead, but know that the Josephs, Abrahams and Jesus too, are dead; why do you believe in them?” says sangoma on his way out.

The sangoma came for several times before the child got sick. The sickness went worse for every time the parents ignored the messenger. One of the messages that Sangoma delivered was to inform that the child will bleed from the private parts because of the parent’s ignorance.

Pity, the father to the husband changed his name because of the government regime that reigned during their time. He wanted to be classified as the second class then changed name from Thamsanqa Madlosi to Peter Malgas. The coming generation; Madlosi junior was raised under coloured classification.

After the prophecy was fulfilled, the husband was left with no choice but to confront the traditional leader. During his arrival, he was told that Madlosi is the elder who want to inherit his superpowers to the child. It was very surprising for Malgas to hear a Xhosa name, which gave him a very good reason to think that Sangoma are liars; by the way he took that muti for in case.
Well, doctors have tried, not to mention priests and bishops. “The child is now left with no option but to go and practice to be a Sangoma”, said the aunt. At the arrival, it was very bad to say goodbye, more especially the mother.

Here is something good about sangoma and their rituals; the family were allowed to visit the child. The father then saw it very disrespectful for their so-called coloured child to be named after black Xhosa man whom is not acquainted to the family, he then tried to take her away but aunt denied.

His aunt then confessed before the sangoma and the family. “I kept this for a long time because you seemed very happy with your borrowed surname, ruining your happiness was the luxury I couldn’t afford”. Aunt said.

By Moses Moreroa


GwenM said...

I saw it and I am still in love with it,South Afirca has a talent.Still waiting for the next show.

GwenM said...

I saw it and I am still in love with it,South Afirca has a talent.Still waiting for the next show.