09 July, 2011

Youth Voice in South Africa- Echoes in the Age of Hope

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the June 16 Massacre, what does that mean to me as a youth? How does the blood shed play significance especially as a young African youth?

I believe that the talk’s focus on the quantitative research in regards of attitudes of the youth was of contradiction. This is because attitudes can never be stable; our surroundings either in term of political, social or personal activities influence us, positively or negatively. The evaluation of race was also of contradictory in that democratic race was evaluated in terms of the apartheid regime’s notion. One thing not clear was the fact that race was determined in African, White, Indian etc, are we not all Africans regardless of our skin colour? Gerard Boyce also mentioned that the Class of 2010 has been labelled ‘Generation Disappointment’; he could’ve at least tried to explain the reason of labelling them.

Socio-Economics is one factor that I’m not knowledgeable on, Gerard did not also give a proper explanation with regards to that. As a young person, I wanted to come out of that talk well informed about issues relating to the youth. His survey dwelled much on the government and democracy than on real issues that the youth deal with on a daily basis. Boyce was again not clear on the gender the surveys where conducted on. On a positive note, the talk was an eye opener.

By: Khutso Mabokela

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