09 July, 2011


The presentation by Gerad Boyce on the youth voices in South Africa was quiet good but as a youth among the assembly I was left with so many unanswered questions. In that manner he emphasized on two distinct point that the youth of today are a generation of crisis but in the discussion the presenter was not able to make an introspection in the different situation that the youth of today are facing.

From such concerns and questions, I realized that young people are often confronted by a plethora of issues and questions about HIV, AIDS and sexuality to which they need answers. However, I believe that the presenter could have highlighted the issues that the generation is facing.Gerad mainly focused on the quantitative approach ignoring the facts that when referring to a large number and for it to be meaningful and authentic it has to have the qualitative approach.

Gerad also brought the limelight a very important point on the consensus that young people are different in comparison with the class of the `76`.Looking back at the presentation made by Elinor Sisulu she emphasized on the fact that the emergency of the I CTs has transformed the lives of young people which therefore if African are the set of group that has a low percentage of these ICTs and have a high percentage of high expectation, I believe that the youth of today can use these ICTs to change the crisis they are facing and live a better life.

By Portia Makore

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