02 July, 2011

Cancelled Shows

This is a warning that you cannot be uninformed, ears closed, aggressive and demanding and expect to be right.

The Arts Festival is a busy time and just with everything planned, no matter how well planned, things do go wrong.

So, with that said there are many shows which people have been booking via Checkers, computicket or online, prior to the events, which may have been cancelled due to technical problems, performers being injured, leaving them incapable of going on stage or unforseen accidents occurring.

So what does this mean for you as the consumer?

It means you can get your money back! Because ultimately that is what you want right? But other shows cancelled do continue as a way to raise money for those people involved in accidents for example this is where replacement shows have been used.

The procedure to reclaim your money for cancelled shows is as follows:

• Go to any box office
• Then speak to any of the tellers on duty
• They will then take 5 minutes at most to check why the show has been cancelled or whether there are other options available

Note: You have the right to reclaim or get a refund on the cancelled shows whether you paid using cash or a credit card.

If you don’t want the money back and if there is an option available – you can change the date of the show which you had booked.

That said, with rights comes a responsibility, so you have the responsibility to be informed and to listen and remember to be polite and stay calm.

Lastly, something you must know is that if you booked the wrong show, that is your own fault and no one can refund you for that.

By: Nokwazi Khumalo

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